The heart of Kensington


The Plaza Theatre

1133 Kensington Road NW

Calgary, AB T2N 3P4

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Opening Hours

Monday-Friday: Noon-Midnight
Saturday: 10am-Midnight
Holidays: 10am-11pm

Parking: If you’re looking for nearby parking, try ParkPlus Lot 23.

Public Transport: The Sunnyside LRT is 5 minutes walk away. There are multiple bus stops less than 5 minutes walk away, on both Kensington Rd NW and 10st NW

Scooters: There are 2x scooter parking sections available within the area, with frequent Bird and Neuron scooters available.

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Exclusive use of the venue includes access to the luxurious 150-seat auditorium, bar and spacious foyer. The venue can be used to host film screenings, premieres, Q&A’s, conferences, awards ceremonies, film shoots and press conferences.

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When did The Plaza reopen?

The Plaza reopened on January 14 2022. Our opening hours are Monday to Friday 12 noon to Midnight, Saturday 10 am to Midnight, Sunday and holidays 10:00 am to 11:00 pm.

What's new at The Plaza?

See our Instagram page or website for the latest films, events, and menus.

What are your Covid-19 measures do you have in place at The Plaza Theatre?

We have reduced the number of tickets we sell to each show to allow for guests to socially distance themselves. We also follow thorough cleaning and sanitization schedules during all operating hours. While masking is no-longer mandatory in public spaces, guests are encouraged to take any necessary precautions to ensure their personal comfort and safety.

How do I find showtimes?

Our showtimes are all listed on the website, the marquee, and through our Instagram page.

How can I purchase a ticket?

At the Theatre itself and via this website.

When do you list upcoming films?

We update our showtimes as soon as we've confirmed a film will be playing at The Plaza Theatre. Shows that are to be released on Friday will be confirmed and listed on our website by Tuesday morning of the same week.

Will you host film festivals?

The film community has always been incredibly supportive to The Plaza. We intend to continue building our relationships with the festival communities. We will also extend the space to welcome art and music festivals.

Will you host events at The Plaza?

Yes! We will host our own events and make the space available to host private events. Please subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates and announcements.

How do I book The Plaza for an event?

Please complete our booking form with as much detail as possible about your event and we’ll get back to you.

Does The Plaza Theatre accept cash?

The Plaza Theatre is a cashless business. We accept debit cards and credit cards as forms of payment.

Why is The Plaza Theatre cashless?

We are open late at night, at a time when there are not many people around and our own staffing is sparse. And we operate in an area where break-ins and robberies are not uncommon – we’ve already had situations where people have come in, late at night and often drunk, and tried to grab belongings from behind the counter. This is a scary situation for our staff, who are often younger/university aged.

This risk factor is of course dramatically increased if there is cash on the premises. For this reason, since before we opened, we decided that the best thing we could do to help protect our staff was to never hold cash on the premises. We appreciate that our cashless operations can cause inconvenience to certain customers, however, we must prioritise the safety of our staff above all else.

What is a BYO Baby Screening?

BYO Baby is a relaxed, baby friendly, mid-morning film screening exclusively for parents/guardians and family members with babies under one. It takes place every Wednesday at 11:00 am. Stroller parking is available in the back of the auditorium. Baby changing facilities are available in our unisex and accessible washroom.

You'll see a film from our main programme, with the volume slightly lowered to protect sensitive ears. The lights will be dimmed, but not completely, so you can find your way around and see all your belongings. Best of all, you can feel free to get up and walk around as much as you need to during the screening. Babies tend to like the hum of the sound but, if they don't, crying and vocalising is absolutely fine. Judgement free space!

Please note, adults purchasing a BYO Baby ticket must be accompanied by a baby under one year old or will not be admitted.

Do you have gift cards or gift certificates available?

Yes we have gift card available at The Plaza. Currently they are available for sale at the theatre but we're working on making them available to purchase on our website.

Is The Plaza Theatre wheelchair accessible?

Yes, we are wheelchair accessible. The doors are on the ground level with automatic openers to the west entrance. To make the auditorium more accessible, we've removed the back row of seating, and additional seating along the east side. We've also added an accessible washroom with a baby change station.

Can I return or exchange my show ticket?

Yes, we do allow tickets to be returned or exchanged up to 24 hours before a show. We can access the online transaction through our in-house system - please email and provide the following information: Email address associated with the booking and the card holder's name, the show the tickets were purchased for, and what show you want to exchange for (if applicable). All exchanges are subject to ticket availability. To return your tickets purchased in person for a full refund, please visit the main concession up to 24-hours prior to showtime. There will be a $3.50 processing fee for refunds. Please note: there will be no refunds or exchanges for special events such as The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I have a media inquiry. Who should I contact?

Thanks for your interest. Please send us an email at

Where is The Plaza located?

1133 Kensington Road NW, Calgary, AB, T2N 3P4.